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"there was no room for them in the inn"
Luke 2:7

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The future came!  We now have room to house 3 girls at a time (along with their children) at Mary's House.  There is a bedroom for each girl+child, and 2 bathrooms (each with a bath+shower) for all girls to share.  Additionally, we now have a full laundry room and dishwasher exclusively for use by the girls.

crib (all bedrooms have one)  bedroom #1  bedroom #2  bedroom #3
bedroom #2  bedroom #2  laundry room  washer, dishwasher, bathrooms

Despite the fact that almost nothing ended up as we had initially planned, everything ended up perfect!  We had initially planned to renovate the building next to Mary's House for use by additional girls.  Well, that didn't happen.  That building is now a Christian youth center.  What DID happen is that Mr. Chuck and Mr. Dave came in and completely remodeled Mary's House, to provide the additional rooms and facilities needed.  Everything worked out great!